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My Story

I have a long history in the beauty industry starting my career as a Champneys girl back in the 80's. It was a very different landscape in the industry back then, but I'm proud to say my qualifications have always served me well, laying the foundations for further development throughout my career.

I am fortunate enough to have worked in many prestigious salons in my time both at home and abroad, and could and should probably write a book about the clients I've encountered over the years.

My mantra has always been skin health first, so it was an easy decision to niche my own clinic in this direction....and when I found corneotherapy...well, everything just made total sense!

Maria Rylott-Byrd in Clinic

By combining corneotherapy with Sk-intellekt, my own trademarked functional approach to skin health I achieved positive and impactful change for my clients skin and overall health, thus changing peoples lives for the better. To have always worked with positivity, honesty and integrity is something I am particularly proud of.

In recent years I have naturally progressed to help others in this industry. Using my years of experience and business acumen, I now mentor aspiring skinpreneurs. I find it incredibly rewarding watching others grow in confidence and find fulfilment in their businesses and careers.


I truly love what I do and still have to pinch myself when invited to write, run workshops, talk on stage, be a podcast guest or judge. I feel like an unlikely role model, but if I can inspire just one person, then I believe I've done a great job!


I see it as my calling, which is why after18 years in business I closed my successful skin clinic to focus on sharing my expertise.


​Expanding minds is my passion and I love to stimulate the thought processes of skin practitioners by nurturing the depth of knowledge needed to be the best in their field.. 

I can honestly say my journey has been dynamic and exciting, just like this amazing, multi-faceted industry and I can not wait to be part of your journey too...

Maria x
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