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Are you a 
Corneotherapist ready to excel in your business?

Empowering Corneotherapists to authentically succeed in business!

Working alone in business can be very isolating, believe me I know! It would have been invaluable to mull my ideas over with a like-minded professional, to get advice and feel supported. It’s all too easy to become so emotionally invested in our 'baby', that it's sometimes hard to make the necessary decisions to move our career or our business forward.


​​I am privileged to have been in this industry for over thirty years, and over those years I've pretty much seen or experienced it all. This puts me in a really good position to help you objectively in your business. Everything I do is authentic and is born from honesty, integrity and respect, and that's what I wish for you too.

Want to know more, discover ways to work with me here.


I believe in you, but do you believe in yourself?

What others say....

"What a fantastic afternoon spent with Maria, skin expert and corneotherapist. I approached Maria a while back to ask for help, in how to get the best out of my business and treatments for my clients. It was so amazing she agreed and even better sharing a passion with another like-minded therapist. I even had a sneaky insight in how she offers her services. It was a real eye opener".

Steph, Corneotherapist

"I have been following Maria for a while now, and when I saw she was mentoring, I knew I wanted to work with her as we share the same passion about skin. Maria really did her homework on my business before meeting and I was really impressed. Maria had some very good ideas and advice which I have already started implementing into my business. I'm really looking forward to our next meeting. I can thoroughly recommend Maria, she is a warm person and I felt relaxed in her company".

Deborah, Corneotherapist

Ways to work with me

Image by Alice Donovan Rouse

Let me help you to...

  • follow your own unique path

  • banish your overwhelm

  • build confidence in yourself, your abilities and your business

  • succeed and grow

Maria Rylott-Byrd | The Corneotherapy Consultant
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